When I started doing Young Living as a business, I was told that I needed to find my WHY.
Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance!!
First and foremost, I want to help others to live a healthier, happier life!
After beginning my other career as a caregiver for the elderly, I realized I had found a purpose.
I was tired of working for other people , to make them money, and have less time and money for MY family. I became useful and I liked it. I was also very good at what I do because I care deeply for the well being of others. I was also able to work around my son’s many activities!
When I started looking at YL as a business, I realized it went so naturally with what I already do….helping others!
My business has been growing very nicely and I am thinking on grander scales these days… can I help others?
Well first, I will help my husband RETIRE! My plan is for that to happen by next year! He can then find a hobby or join me in my business.
Next, I would like to form a non-profit to help “marry” caregivers and elderly people in need. This would also help offset the cost to the elderly as this is not a covered service on their insurance!! So many people can’t afford the help on a limited income. This is just in the dreaming phase…….but is one of the things on my mind.
I would also like to help people that are going to lose electricity because they can’t pay. I am sober almost 24 years and can still remember struggling to make ends meet in the beginning of my sobriety, as a single mom. It would be so amazing to be able to give back on such a basic level.
I don’t know what drove me to write this today. I went on my website….still a work in process….and saw “quick draft”….and here you go! Now I will figure out how to share it….then I will have to fix up the website!
I hope all of you reading this have an AMAZING day!!

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